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The world's most advanced kettle?

11th Mar 16

The world's most advanced kettle?

First, there were smartphones closely followed by smart-TVs, and now it's the turn of the humble kettle to receive the hi-tech treatment, courtesy of the AppKettle. Claimed to be the world's most advanced kettle the device, which its inventors Robert and Richard Hill (they are not related) have patented, gives its owners the ability to control it in real time from virtually anywhere by Wi-Fi.

The kettle makes use of a live' smartphone app to control features such as timing, keep-warm to ensure the best possible tasting drinks, variable temperature control and even a scheduling feature. The AppKettle also has volume sensing, which results in time and energy saving. Speaking about the invention AppKettle director, Robert Hall said: "As interconnectivity continues to shape modern society, our key aim is to develop simple, intuitive technologies within a modern digital appliance, to improve its use, how we can all interact with it and to remove any unknowns associated with controlling it remotely. AppKettle successfully combines these benefits to enable users with the free app, to connect, see and control their AppKettle, together. This provides a smart beverage making experience. Looking ahead, we have plans to develop further exciting new products that are simple to use and connect with your other products in the smart home."

The design, which took over three years to finalise, is intended to reflect its innovative features. The stainless steel body has a blue window and is shamelessly contemporary, yet it is easy to operate and offers a degree of control never before seen in electric kettles.


The free app is the key to unlocking the full range of the kettle's features, namely temperature, volume and time sensing

Temperature is set by sliding and tapping the finger. The user is notified when the desired level has been reached. Having such accurate control ensures tea, coffee or other beverages are kept at the ideal level. The kettle tells the user, via his or her smartphone, how long the water will take to reach the perfect temperature.

Thanks to the volume sensing feature, the AppKettle is able to notify the user at precisely what time the water will be at the required temperature. This means the water will be ready to make a beverage at the exact moment the user comes home or is scheduled to wake up in the morning. The smart scheduler can be set for any time of the day or night.

Parents with babies are sure to find the baby bottle feature incredibly convenient. The water level can be checked, after which the device first boils it and then cools it down to the required temperature ready for the baby formula to be added. What's more, the smart scheduler makes it possible to set the kettle to do its thing at any time.

Users are able to check, via their smartphone, the volume of water in the kettle, whether it is set to a schedule or is in current use. The colour used to illuminate the kettle is co-ordinated with the type of beverage it is to be used for, based on the temperature required.

The AppKettle is also cloud enabled, making it possible for friends, family or work colleagues who are permitted via its multi-user feature to make drink requests from iPhones, tablets or Android devices. They are then notified when their drinks are ready.

The AppKettle is scheduled to be launched sometime later this year.

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