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Samsung AddWash if you forget that stray sock

6th Mar 16

Samsung AddWash if you forget that stray sock

There are all kinds of great technology on modern smart appliances to help remind you about household chores, but what about technology to rescue you if, despite all that, you still forget? The Samsung AddWash is a new product based around this very simple concept. Inevitably, something will slip your mind. If you've forgotten to pop an item in the wash, you won't have to wait until the whole cycle is complete before you can do something about it.

How it works

Samsung's new machines are equipped with an extra door, attached to the main door, that functions like an airlock. You will need to pause the cycle to use it, but you can do so by pushing a single button at any time. You can then open the extra door, add the stray item - along with extra detergent and softener if you want - and press the button again to resume. No water or detergent will leak out when you open this access door, but whatever you add will be transferred to the drum to join the rest of the wash. There's a child lock to prevent your kids from inserting biscuits or Lego bricks in an attempt to be helpful.

Other features

Unless you're addicted to having the latest technology, the chances are the you won't buy a new washing machine just for one feature, so how does the Samsung AddWash measure up otherwise? For a start, it's capacious, with a drum containing five cubic feet of space, so it's most practical for families. It's quick - you can get a full load done in little more than half an hour - and, provided you use the right settings, it handles delicate fabrics well. The control panel is titled upwards so that you won't have to squat on the floor to use it, and the machine is easy to load from a standing position. The main drawback is that it's too tall to fit conveniently under a kitchen worktop. However, unlike a top loader, you'll still be able to tuck the Samsung AddWash under a cupboard or shelf unit without having to haul it out every time you put on a wash.

This machine also comes with an Android app to help you keep track of your wash remotely, and it gives you the option of setting an alert to notify you when it's finished.

Is it eco-friendly?

Using a front-loader is generally the most eco-friendly option because you don't have to fill the machine all the way up to make it work, and with the Samsung AddWash, there's no wastage caused by draining the drum just to add an extra item of clothing. The machine incorporates a SpeedSpray system for distributing water more efficiently and an EcoBubble system in which the detergent is mixed with water and air before it reaches the main wash, meaning less detergent and more efficiency. We're hoping it also means an end to streaky powder marks on clothes.

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