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The rise of smart appliances?

Posted on 5th Jan 15 in Latest News by editor
If current trends are anything to go by, it is likely that smart appliances, also known as connected appliances, are going to play a critical role in some of the most exciting developments in consumer technology, and in particular how such technology impacts on how we lead our lives today. more.

Air conditioner vs. purifier vs. dehumidifier

Posted on 4th Jan 15 in Latest News by editor
Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe... more.

Living with a Roomba

Posted on 2nd Jan 15 in Latest News by editor
The remarkable developments in consumer technology that we have seen in recent years have generally been inspired by attempts to make our everyday lives easier. Some of the most successful and popular inventions have been those that help to facilitate, or even remove completely, the sort of chores that for more.

Top 5 Sound Systems

Posted on 1st Jan 15 in Latest News by editor
A stylish, good quality sound system that both looks and sounds great is a must for any modern home. The range on offer is huge, with a number of different variables to take into consideration. While this level of choice means that it is generally possible to find a system more.