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LG's new fridge opens automatically

Posted on 12th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
If you thought smart appliances were limited to interacting through phones and the internet, think again. The new LG fridge is designed to interact directly with you in ways that will change the way you think about kitchen appliances. It's a fridge that is adapted to human ways of doing more.

Top 5 3D printers

Posted on 12th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
3D printers have been around for 20 years or so and were intended solely for industrial scale manufacturing settings. By 2005, demand for home use models increased although they were extremely expensive. In the years since, however, a steady stream of 3D printers designed specifically for the home market have more.

The world's most advanced kettle?

Posted on 11th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
First, there were smartphones closely followed by smart-TVs, and now it's the turn of the humble kettle to receive the hi-tech treatment, courtesy of the AppKettle. Claimed to be the world's most advanced kettle the device, which its inventors Robert and Richard Hill (they are not related) have patented, gives more.

Why get a 3D printer?

Posted on 9th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
Just a few short years ago 3D printers were well beyond the financial reach of all but commercial enterprises and a small number of wealthy enthusiasts. Now, all that has changed and just about anyone can afford a printer of their very own; the cheapest models cost only a few more.

Sony TVs will include YouView

Posted on 9th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
Sony recently announced that it has reached an agreement with YouView that will see its 2015 range of Bravia TVs featuring all the functionality of the EPG Freeview service without the hassle of having to purchase a separate set-top box. This is the first time the on-demand service will be more.

Technology means you don't see these any more

Posted on 8th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
The rate at which technological innovation moves on seems to be gathering pace with the passing of each year. As a result, what was cutting edge only a few months ago is now old hat. more.

Which? finds washing machines built to fail

Posted on 6th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
If you've ever felt the frustration of watching a washing machine break down just a few short years after you bought it and subsequently learned that it would cost more to repair than to replace, you might have put it down to bad luck. Not so, says consumer magazine Which? more.

Samsung AddWash if you forget that stray sock

Posted on 6th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
There are all kinds of great technology on modern smart appliances to help remind you about household chores, but what about technology to rescue you if, despite all that, you still forget? The Samsung AddWash is a new product based around this very simple concept. Inevitably, something will slip your more.

Tumble dryer recall amid fire risk

Posted on 5th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
We all like to think that we can rely on professionally manufactured, big brand appliances to be safe, but research by Which? has found that 750 fires have occurred in British homes over the past 12 years because of faulty tumble dryers. Now Hotpoint has advised buyers that some of more.

Indesit publish safety recall on gas cookers

Posted on 4th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
We all like to think that the appliances we bring into our homes are safe, but unfortunately, when they use gas, the results of something going wrong can be dramatic. Following concerns about a serious fire risk, Indesit has set out to recall a number of gas cookers, publishing a more.