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Toasters could soon be targeted by hackers

Posted on 15th Feb 16 in Latest News by editor
You've probably heard of the Internet of Things (IoT). It has become a buzz-phrase in recent years that is right up there with cloud computing, and refers to the way that different devices are becoming increasingly interconnected, with internet-ready features. more.

Matt LeBlanc joins Top Gear

Posted on 15th Feb 16 in Latest News by editor
It was a topic of hot conversation for weeks. Wherever gearheads or casual fans of the world's top motoring show convened, talk soon turned to who would replace Jeremy Clarkson and his sidekicks on the new-look BBC Top Gear. more.

Cyclists will soon outnumber cars in London

Posted on 14th Feb 16 in Latest News by editor
The number of people travelling by bicycle in the capital's morning rush hour will soon outnumber those using private motor vehicles, according to a new report. The newest Travel in London report, by Transport for London (TfL), found that rush hour driving had halved while cycling had trebled during the more.

Traffic warden tickets broken down car

Posted on 11th Feb 16 in Latest News by editor
Traffic wardens play a vital role in keeping traffic flowing, improving safety and ensuring access for residents, businesses, public transport and disabled drivers. Many feel that they sometimes overstep the bounds and can be petty-minded jobsworths who are lacking in common sense and the ability to approach a situation fairly more.

Land Rover produces their last Defender

Posted on 10th Feb 16 in Latest News by editor
The rugged vehicle that became a British institution has finally reached the end of the road. Driven by everyone from the Queen to the military, farmers and private enthusiasts, the Land Rover Defender was developed from the original Land Rover Series launched way back in 1948. After a continuous run more.

What do I look for in a good digital camera?

Posted on 20th Jan 16 in Latest News by editor
Purchasing a new digital camera can be a confusing experience. Digital photography has revolutionised the way people take pictures, and the market has responded to a hugely increased demand by producing a greater variety and diversity of cameras than ever before. The speed and convenience that digital cameras provide compared more.

Last minute Christmas presents

Posted on 22nd Dec 15 in Latest News by editor
Is all your Christmas shopping done? No? If you're wracking your brains to think of that extra present for a family member, maybe some of the following might suit more.

What is Nest?

Posted on 14th Dec 15 in Latest News by editor
You might not know the name Tony Fadell. But you’ve very likely used one of Tony’s inventions, the iPod. His company Nest are now at the forefront of bringing iPod style technology to what they call a “conscious home” and to date have brought some nifty home environment controls onto more.

Which is the best TV type?

Posted on 9th Dec 15 in Latest News by editor
When it comes to technology there is always the question of deciding between a range of options. Some people, for example, like Android phones and some prefer iPhones. It's the same argument between Macs and PCs – no one view is necessarily right but you can guarantee there will always more.

What's the best streaming content service?

Posted on 1st Dec 15 in Latest News by editor
Some of the most significant and exciting changes to how we live our lives today have come about because of the truly remarkable evolution of consumer technology, the rapid development of the internet, and the increasingly large audience for online services. There are very few areas of our lives left more.