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Washing machines can order their own soap through Amazon

Posted on 27th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
Wouldn't it be great to cut down your weekly shop but still save time on all those tedious little orders you need to make for household supplies? This is work so simple, a machine could do it - and now machines are starting to. With Amazon Dash Replacement, your connected more.

Samsung fridge has a TV and can do your shopping

Posted on 26th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
The smart appliance revolution has seen some kitchen goods developing in unexpected ways, but Samsung's latest refrigerator takes it in a completely new direction. Not only can it do your shopping for you, but it also has a giant TV screen on the front - and that's a smarter move more.

What is (or was) Google Glass?

Posted on 24th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
Google Glass was launched onto an unsuspecting world in 2012, and was heralded as a hands-free way of accessing information on a wearable screen. The device, actually a tiny computer, looks very much like a normal pair of spectacles, but has a small screen built into the glass. Access is more.

WeFuel app delivers petrol to your car

Posted on 24th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
In Britain, we often tease our American friends about driving everywhere, but now they don't even need to drive to fuel their cars - a new service called WeFuel will deliver petrol to wherever they are. Most insurance services will perform rescue services like this if something were to go more.

Your Samsung TV might be spying on your conversations

Posted on 21st Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
In his novel Nineteen Eighty Four, George Orwell wrote about a world in which Big Brother' operated an omnipresent surveillance network that monitored what everyone was thinking, doing and talking about. Even the TVs in everyone's homes recorded what was being said, with the data being sent to the Ministry more.

Why get a curved TV?

Posted on 20th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
Today large, flat-screen TVs have been around for years; 3D TV is just about hanging on in there and now manufacturers are touting curved TV screens as providing the ultimate viewing experience. But are they really so much better, or are they nothing more than a gimmick intended to boost more.

Tefal launch fastest low fat fryer

Posted on 18th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
Tefal recently launched ActiFry Express XL, which is capable of cooking 1.5kg of chips and fresh vegetables, sufficient for around six adults, in just under 30 minutes, making it the fastest low fat fryer currently on the market. One of the most notable benefits of hot air fryers is that more.

Top 5 breadmakers

Posted on 17th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
There's no getting away from it, the top two aromas to have around the home are freshly brewed coffee and newly baked bread. What's more, the taste and texture of homemade bread is difficult to beat. Unlike coffee, however, in the past bread making was a daunting task that only more.

Stay safe, register your appliances!

Posted on 15th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
An initiative has recently been launched by Jo Swinson, the Under Secretary of State for Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs, to highlight the dangers faced by consumers who fail to register their newly purchased electrical appliances with the manufacturer. more.

Is it the end of the gas cooker?

Posted on 12th Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
The groundbreaking Paris deal on climate change made this past December has far reaching implications and will continue to be discussed in parliaments and policy units around the world, but what does it mean for ordinary people? Recent floods have made clear some of the risks associated with doing nothing more.