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Whether your car is fresh off the forecourt or used, we can protect your vehicles' value in the event of a write off.


"Excellent value compared to my previous provider. Thanks!" - Mr G, Welling

What is GAP Insurance?

Most people assume that vehicles are only written-off by careless driving or in road accidents, but fire, vehicles stolen not recovered, and those that have suffered malicious damage can also be declared written-off by your insurer, and a majority of insurers will usually pay only the market value of the vehicle at the time of write-off.
For many people this means that there is a financial shortfall between the amount they receive from their motor insurance settlement, and the amount required to purchase a similar vehicle.

GAP Insurance pays the difference between the market value settlement and the price you paid for the vehicle, meaning potentially thousands of pounds back in your pocket, and with cover starting from as little as £5.00 per month, it's peace of mind while you're motoring.